Flexitank logistic service

Balume is the next generation in Flexitank logistics. We deliver comprehensive integrated logistics for all your bulk liquid transportation needs. Our powerful agency network delivers Flexitank logistics door-to-door worldwide. Our innovative Flexitank logistic system meets and exceeds all COA requirements. Our experienced team of logistic partners and agents are dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service in all aspects of Flexitank logistics that include:

  • Multi-modal truck and rail pick-up and delivery of your cargo
  • International ocean freight:
    • Container selection
    • Flexitank fitting
    • Loading and discharge assistance
    • Flexitank disposal
  • Cross-pump from tank trucks and rail cars into Flexitank and the other way around


Our innovative shipment management system maximizes your participation in the logistics flow because you'll see every movement of your cargo in real time. As a result, you're assured safe and efficient delivery of your cargo.


Our state-of-the-art global emergency response plan, based on decades of experience and intense research and development, anticipates all risks so that your cargo is delivered safely and securely. To further deliver reliable transport of your bulk liquid, we maintain insurance coverage for all aspects of Flexitank operations.