Our Flexitank Network

When you need to ship liquid cargo around the world, you need a liquid logistics partner with global reach.

If your business depends on liquid logistics, you can depend on Balume.  We offer the global presence you need through our comprehensive agency network, one of the largest in the world.  Every country is different; customs procedures, fees and tariffs vary enormously from place to place.  The highly trained members of our team have the expertise to get your cargo where you need it to be, anywhere in the world.

Balume offers worldwide technical assistance and customer support when you need it the most.  We always maintain our strategically placed Flexitank inventory, worldwide, so we are always ready to respond.  No matter when, no matter where, Balume is there.

At Balume, we specialize in providing liquid logistics solutions, door-to-door, worldwide.  Balume offers global reach, worldwide inventory, and 24/7 customer support; when you depend on liquid logistics, you can depend on Balume. 

Where we are

A full list of our offices

  • Balume Latin America & Caribbean (Headquarters)
  • Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Balume North America
  • Houston, Usa
  • Balume Europe & Africa
  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  • Balume Asia & Oceania
  • Singapore
  • Balume China
  • Shangai, China